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Why Tempo?

We make it easy for you to offer health benefits to your small business.

It's Quick:
Setting up your business with Tempo takes only a few minutes of your time.
Enhance Hiring:
With Tempo you can offer benefits to potential hires, an edge over competitors.

Why You and Your Team Will Love Tempo


Tempo offers an affordable alternative to major medical insurance for cost-conscious households.

Uninterrupted Coverage

Full-time, Part-time, 1099 contractors, and seasonal team members can enroll and keep their coverage even if they change employment.

Expert 1 on 1 Support

Each team member speaks with a licensed benefit guide to determine their needs.

No Administrative Hassle

Affordability without extra back office hassle.


Add Value To Your Workforce.

Ready To Improve Retention?

Replacing an employee can cost more than you think.

That’s right.

$14,936 to be exact, the average cost of replacing an employee. Research shows that 60% of employees will resign their current job for better benefits.

Let's Empower Your Workforce With Benefits

Providing insurance is expensive for small businesses.

That's why created our platform, to help business owners empower their workforce with a healthcare benefit option.

Offering benefits creates that all important feel-good factor which boosts morale, engagement and productivity, and inspires loyalty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for a business owner?

Tempo does not require the business to administer the plans or pay a service fee.

What is the cost for a household?

Pricing for Limited Medical starts at $144/month. Comprehensive Dental-Vision starts at $48/month. Cost will vary based on which options a household chooses and the number of individuals on the plan.

What is covered?

Limited Medical plans include essential health care, urgent care, primary care, lab test, prescriptions, and more.  Talk to a licensed benefits guide to help you choose the right plan for you.

Give Your Team
an Alternative.