We help small business provide affordable healthcare to their workforce

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Employees are the heartbeat of your business. Empower your onboarding with Tempo... a new platform for employee benefits that attracts and retains your best employees. Keep that beat going.

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Our mission

Tempo's mission is simple. We are here to help your small business provide health benefits to your workforce with Options Plus MEC benefits. Our belief is everyone should have access to affordable healthcare, that's why we are here. We make it easy for employers like you to use our platform to offer their employees, part time-employees, and contractors benefits. We know healthcare can be expensive, hard to understand, and take a lot of time, that is why we created a simple platform with a personalized approach that helps you and your employees every step of the way.
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The values that drive us forward.

A personal approach to health benefits.


When choosing a healthcare plan. We want you to pick a plan that you know is right for you. That is why we offer a 1x1 benefits guide for every one of your employees. A personal approach to choosing the right benefits.

Quick and Easy to Use

Now this may seem like a no brainer, but if you have tried to shop for benefits before you know it's not usually easy. We pride ourselves on creating the easiest onboarding process for small businesses.